Our story & vision

Our history

It all started in Zurich in 2017. Our The first products were stylish watches and cool backpacks that go perfectly with an urban lifestyle.

When we launched the mobile phone chain in Berlin at the end of 2018 discovered, it was immediately clear to us that this product, which was still unknown at the time, was missing in our homeland.

After almost three months of development, we were the first Swiss label to launch the mobile phone chain at the beginning of 2019 and have been able to do so in the meantime Establish it as THE Swiss mobile phone chain brand. 

The increasing demand has enabled us to further develop the mobile phone chain and to expand our range step by step.

The reseller network is growing and growing and now includes more than 200 branches across Switzerland.

The future can come - we look forward to it! ♥ ️

Our vision

Thoughts have the power to change the world. What starts on a small scale can do develop into something big over time.

We are at home in the city. We move around the houses, feel the pulse of the Life and always keep your eyes open.

Urbany‘s shapes a lifestyle that speaks for itself. With products that have their own voice. Plain and simple, but very trendy.

Cooperation with the Altried Foundation

Did you know that our cell phone chains and glasses straps are made by people with disabilities in the Altried Foundation? No? You can find out more about it here.