Conditions of participation contest

    1. The competition organizer is Urbany's Switzerland GmbH, Butzenstrasse 56, 8038 Zurich.

    2. Duration of the competition: up to and including 06/31/2021 at 11:59 p.m.

    3. The winner will be determined at random and will be notified by email in writing after the competition. The prerequisite for the distribution of the prize is that the winner responds to our notification within 7 days of the drawing and provides the organizer with the personal data required for the main prize.

    4. Participation in the competition takes place with the entry of the correct name and the correct e-mail address.

    5. The profit claim is non-transferable. Any exceptions are possible in consultation and with the consent of the organizers.

    6. Participants must be over 18 years old at the time of the raffle or have written consent from their parents.

    7. The organizers reserve the right to cancel or end the competition at any time. This applies in particular in the event of force majeure or if the competition cannot be carried out or continued for other (organizational, technical or legal) reasons. In such a case, the participants are not entitled to any claims.

    8. The organizer is not liable for damages in connection with participation in the competition or with the acceptance of the prize.

    9. Employees of the participating companies or their relatives are excluded from participation.

    10. The judges' decision is final.