Cooperation with the Altried Foundation

In February 2019 we started with the mobile phone chain started

In the beginning, two of us made them ourselves in our warehouse in Wollishofen (ZH). As the interest in the cell phone chain grew and we couldn't do it alone, we received more and more support from our family and friends.

We knew that this could not be a long-term solution. That's why we added two employees to our team. This went well for a long time. 

At the latest when we were able to win Globus, one of the largest Swiss retailers, as a partner, that was no longer enough. A flexible and satisfactory solution was needed that would enable us to produce large quantities in a short time and to meet the demanding delivery deadlines.

We soon became aware of the Altried Foundation. After great discussions with those responsible, we finally entered into a cooperation. Since then, the Altried Foundation has been supporting us very reliably in the production of our mobile phone chains. These are made there by people with disabilities.

The perfect solution - we couldn't be happier.

The Altried Foundation provides a total of 329 employment and jobs and around 145 residential and 29 vacation spots.

If you want to find out more about the Altried Foundation, take a look at their website: